Diet v fast

One of your New Years resolutions could have been to lose weight. To do that, you will need to determine a few things like how much you want to lose every week, what sort of foods are you going to cut out and what sort of exercise you are going to take up. By the end of the figuring, you might have decided to give up. But there is a better way – God’s way. It’s purpose is not for you to lose physical weight but to lose soulish weight. 

What do I mean by that? To lose those things that are weighing you down – those emotions, wrong thinking, wrong believing, being judgemental – feeling like your mind is cluttered with so many things. Sometimes, it might be those things that occupy our time instead of having God time and you are starting to feel dry and hungry in your spirit. It may be time to go on a God kind of fast.

In Luke 5:33 to 39, some people came to Jesus one day and asked why his disciples didn’t fast like Johnthe Baptists did. Jesus responded by saying that they will fast once the bridegroom (Him) is taken away. Jesus then proceeds to tell us what happens when we fast. He does it by using the illustration of a new piece of cloth being put on an old garment andnewwine being put into old wine skins. Why is this so significant? 

When we fast, it is time for a spiritual refreshing. God can’t give us new revelations if we are hanging on to the old. Similarly, if we are struggling with an issue, until it is removed through fasting and seeking God, the answer may not come. God can’t give us new if we are still hanging on to the old or it won’t gel in our spirits.

So what can we fast? Most people think of food but I believe we need to fast whatever is an idol in our lives until that stronghold is broken. It may be television, social media or your favourite sport or even refurbishing old things. Whatever it is that is preventing us from seeking God may be what we need to fast. As we hunger for food or that thing, those are the times we need to run to God.

This is a principle of God that covers all three facets of us – our spirit, soul and body.

So this week if you have a stronghold in your life, fast it and run to God. Your relationship with God will be refreshed and renewed. Keep living the life God intended and have a great week!

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