Diet v fast

One of your New Years resolutions could have been to lose weight. To do that, you will need to determine a few things like how much you want to lose every week, what sort of foods are you going to cut out and what sort of exercise you are going to take up. By the … More Diet v fast

New year new you

Some of us made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, catch up with friends more or even exercise more often. They are all well and good but did you ever think about having a resolution to change your soul. What’s your soul you might ask? Well, it is your mind, will and emotions. In essence, … More New year new you

Time to move on

New Years’s resolutions are something that most people make. Whether they write them down or just mentally record them, that is what they are hoping to achieve in the coming year. Some of those resolutions may be relating to weight loss, exercise, time management or better relationships with family and others. One thing that these … More Time to move on