A special gift

This time of the year is the most gift giving time of the whole year. I love receiving gifts but I also love giving gifts. We have double gifts at our home. By that I mean that because my boys are older, we give gift cards to each other. So the fun on Christmas Day is seeing which gift card we received and how much and the next present is going out to spend it on whatever we want. My family also has tradition gifts. By that I mean that my youngest son, who is in his 20’s and married still insists I buy him a Santa chocolate bag for no other reason than it is tradition. Aside from all that, my special gift at Christmas is Jesus and remembering what He did for me and how He is always there for me.

John 3:16 is a well known verse which states in part, For God so loved the world that He gave. God gave His best gift to us – His Son so that we might have the choice where we want to spend eternity. We have to choose yes because if we don’t make a choice the default is no and we don’t go to heaven. God doesn’t want robots but people who make the choice to accept the wonderful gift He gave us.

I penned the words to the following song many years ago and for me, it sums up the special gift that was given to me. It goes something like this:

The meaning of Christmas, it’s not about shopping sprees, the meaning of Christmas it’s not about Christmas trees, the meaning of Christmas it’s not about the presents I receive, the meaning of Christmas it’s about the present that He gave to me.

It’s all about a little boy Who was born on Christmas Day, His name is Jesus and He came to rule and reign, to die upon a wicked cross and to rise again, that we might be set free.

That sums up my very special gift. I hope Jesus is or will become your very special gift. You only need to ask Him. Then you will have the amazing life that God intended for you to live-full of hope, peace and love. Merry Christmas.

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