Gave so can be given

Oftentimes in our lives we want to be given everything we need and require. We, as humans, have this desire within us that we want it all and most times are so discouraged when we don’t get what we think we deserve. Like a spoiled child!!! What most of us don’t realise is that in order to receive we must give. That statement sounds contrary to human nature because it is. Human nature will always be contrary to God’s nature. That is the reason we must change our way of thinking – from the world’s way to God’s way. So let’s look at God’s way and see how it works.

This principle I am discussing is really sowing and reaping and works in every facet of our life. The problem with this principle for us is that it is an action principle first instead of a passive principal which we all like. We want to have everything with no work. But that’s not how God’s principles work. Let’s look at some examples of where gave then given was successful in the Bible.

The first example is Jesus. Although the story of the death of Jesus is not a pretty one, it is a necessary one. For me, I can’t watch movies such as the Passion of the Christ because it is too gory. But I understand and am forever grateful what Jesus did for me. He took my sins that I should have paid the price for and said let me pay your price. That was for everyone, including you. Jesus gave His life so a multitude of sons and daughters could be given to Him. Jesus doesn’t want robots, He wants all of us. So in order for us to have the right to become sons and daughters of God, we first must give our lives to Jesus.

What about finances? It says in the Bible that if we give, it will be given back to us. If we sow in good soil, we will receive. If we tithe (give), God will rebuke the devourer. It isn’t in our give that we receive, it is in our gave (once we have given).

In every area of our life, once we gave, the given will come. Do you want friends, gave your time to people? Do you want rewards, gave your time and talents. This is hard and will take up your me time, but if we do it, our time will become more enjoyable and our life will be enriched.

So,this week, ask God what areas in your life you need to gave? It is usually in our areas of struggle and insecurity that we will find our answers. Seek God and He will show you. Keep walking step by step into the abundant life God is wanting to give to you. Be blessed!!!


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