When the enemy speaks

This title seems a bit weird given this is a Christian blog but as Christians we must learn to discern the voice of the enemy. As I was reading Isaiah 36 a week or so ago, a passage of scripture took my attention and in it God revealed four ways the enemy speaks, I want to share those four ways and some keys to standing strong and overcoming. Are you ready to go on this journey with me?

The passage I was reading is in Isaiah 36 verses 4 to 10. In this passage the King of Assyria was threatening Hezekiah the King of Jerusalem. You see the King of Assyria knew that the first thing he needed to do to defeat the Israelites was to get them to believe that they were inferior to him. Words will always do two things if we take them to heart – build us up or tear us down. So we need to be careful what we say and what we hear. So this battle was one of words not weapons.

The first way that the enemy spoke was to question who or what were they trusting in. This tactic was questioning their trust in the words God spoke to and over them. However, it was also questioning who might stand with them. The enemy always tries to get us not to believe in the Word of God and tries to isolate us from our friends. This makes us weak in the Word of God and isolated. To prevent this from happening, we need to read our Bibles and trust in Gods Word and to tell a trusted friend or pastor what we are going through so we don’t feel isolated.

The second way the enemy spoke was to question the power of God in your life and to bring up your past sins and failings. If he can get you to question the fact that God may not always be for us and to bring up the fact that we may not be forgiven, this will lessen the power of God over our lives and diminish our relationship with God. To counteract this know that God is always for us (no matter what we may be going through) and that we are forgiven the moment we repent. God has a sign up “no fishing of past sins allowed”.

The third way the enemy spoke was to try and bargain with them. My way is better than Gods way. If you come over to my side, I will give you all these pleasures. Pleasures can mean different things to different people. But the enemy’s pleasures always bring bondage and destruction. He is the master of telling you lies and getting you sucked in. Don’t allow it! You cannot bargain with the enemy but you can remind him of his future. Gods ways are always better and lead to an abundant life. Don’t sell yourself short of the amazing life you can live in God.

The fourth way the enemy spoke was to tell them they were doing it because God told them too. God will never cause turmoil, sickness, disease or calamity to come into your life. We live in a fallen world and sometimes it is easier to give in than to believe in Gods Word. The enemy will always try to tempt you with something but each day we should get better at resisting. This isn’t easy but it is always worth it. The enemy will try and wrap the package up as a present from God but if it is not good and according to Gods Word, it is not God.

So as you walk through this week, learn to discern the voice of the enemy and take no heed to it. God is always good and always on your side. If you listen to God He will give you a way out of everything the enemy tempts you with. Remember also that greater is God Who lives inside you than he who is in the world. Keep living the abundant life God intended for you. Bless you heaps!

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