Rest not strive

I am sure most of you are like me. We believe that if we strive we are moving forward. Most times that is not the case- our feet are planted but our arms are flapping. We get tired and unable to cope with even those smallest things, let alone those things that are mountains. Maybe you are coping with those “big” things,but snap under the smallest pressure. God does not want or expect us to live this way. So what is the answer!!!  I believe it is found in Colossians 1: 3 to 14. Let’s look at it step by step.

Step 1

God has reserved something special for us in heaven because we have faith in Jesus and love God’s people. I believe this is telling us to look higher. Often our lives get caught up with the “ground” things in our lives – those things that, in the light of the future shouldn’t matter. Our present (ground) seems larger that our future (looking up). We need to continue to look to God and trust Him. To find our answers in God’s Word instead of the doctors report, the circumstances or even our friends. People mean well but Gods Word contains our personal revelation built just for us. So let’s begin to look up.

Step 2

Our lives have been changed by God so let’s live it and believe it. We are also in this journey with others. We should not isolate ourselves and think our issues are so big,no-one cares or understands. All of us are like the rest of us and walk through the same way. Most of us deal with a sense of inadequacy in at least one area, we have relationship issues or our expectations we place on ourselves seem to not be going the right way. It is time we know that Jesus is in our side and walking with us. Sure, we may mess up but forgiveness is ours. Let’s walk the journey together and continue to encourage each other. Weill make it.

Step 3

Strive to know God better each day. If we will spend time in Gods Word and in prayer, we will be equipped to handle things that come up. If we are too busy for that (and I am speaking to me here  too), we are too busy. It is important that we quiet ourselves before God and spend time in His presence, we will know that we are not In this alone. Time to get to know your creator, saviour, redeemer and Lord.

Step 4

We will then be strengthened with all the patience and endurance (or stamina) that we need. Once we know we can do all things though Christ Who strengthens us, we will rest In that knowledge and not strive so hard. We will know that we can cast all of our cares on God and He will do the heavy lifting for us. Often we forget that Jesus did it all on the cross when He died for us. He took all our sickness, disease, infirmity, cares, things that weigh us down and died to give us all the life we lost in the Garden of Eden. A life of working and resting and not striving. Jesus didn’t come so we could sip lemonade under a coconut palm. No, He restored us to Him so that we would fulfil that perfect plan God has for our lives.

So this week, pick a step where you are lacking and concentrate on it. If it takes you longer, great. Just make a start. God will be there to guide and direct you and lead you into a place of rest not striving. You can do it (with God).

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