The opportunity looks like yes

Have you ever had an opportunity in your life to do something and it was the perfect answer to all of your prayers, and God said no? What I have come to realise is that not every opportunity is a “yes” from God. Many times it looks good and feels good but it is not good. We may get disappointed by our seemingly “missed” opportunity but more often than not it is not in God’s timing for you at that time. 

In my own life, I have missed out on higher positions at work or even positions serving in church, but when I look back on it, it wasn’t right for my situation at the time. It is only when I look back from the present that I see God’s ultimate wisdom for my life at that time.

Moses faced a similar situation. He knew he was set apart for God to do something great as he wasn’t killed with all the other Hebrew boys as a baby. He had leadership on his life. After all, he grew up in the house of Pharaoh, the King of Egypt. But one day, he took matters into his own hand and killed an Egyptian for mistreating a Hebrew man ( Exodus 2:12). The very next day he tried to break up another fight and found that his actions from the day before of killing someone had been found out. What did he do? Fled to the wilderness.  You see Moses was called to lead the Hebrews but it wasn’t the right timing. Right opportunity – no answer from God.

Forty years later – a long time – God called Moses out of the wilderness to lead the Israelite people. What did Moses do now? He didn’t want to go. He used all kinds of excuses but God answered all of them. This time Moses knew he wasn’t ready to lead – but God did. Why? Moses was humbled in the wilderness and knew that if he trusted and relied on God, this time God would lead the people through him. 

The first opportunity was Moses’ ability without God – the second opportunity was God’s ability in Moses. The tables had turned and therefore, the success rate was higher. God knows when we are ready to step out in the opportunities and plans that God has pre-ordained for our lives. We must be willing to wait and allow God to do those things in our lives that He needs to do.

Without God, we can’t do it but with God all things are possible if we will only believe in and trust Him. Don’t let missed opportunities get you down. It is time to press into God and wait for the God opportunities that will come your way. God’s plan in you will be fulfilled if you let God drive and just obey.


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