Living an abundant life

I am going to start with a question. What does living an abundant life mean to you? Most of you will say that abundant life means having a lot of money. But what if you had a lot of money and you were sick? Now what does an abundant life look like? Okay now having great health. Great – but what if you had no friends – what does an abundant life now look like? Do you get it – an abundant life is not limited to money only but it is unlimited and brings richness into our whole lives. Jesus said that He came to give us life and life more abundantly.

So why are so many of us not living this abundant life? There are many reasons and here are just a few:

1. We can only get this abundant life through Jesus. If you have not surrendered yourself and your life to God, you need to as it is the only way to have your life whole – nothing missing and nothing broken.

2. We need to trust in God. Most of us will say we do but when trouble comes, in capital letters, we get our eyes off Jesus and start looking at the storm, like Peter did. He started to sink, but didn’t, because Jesus saved him. Same with us, when we cry out to God, He meets us in our trouble and rescues us.

3. We need to believe God’s Word. If you are like me, we may read the Bible, but God doesn’t require that we just read it like a book but we need to live it. If the Bible says, love others – that’s what we have to do – whether we want to or not. Why do we need to do this? To keep living the abundant life.

4. We need to obey God’s Word. It is in our level of obedience to God’s Word that our level of blessing will come, or our level of abundance. For example, if we tithe and give, God promises that the storerooms of heaven will open. This means that we will have seed for sowing, our needs met and enough to bless someone else with.

Living this abundant life sounds hard,but with God by your side, it is never hard nor is it easy. It is a journey that we walk in each day of our lives. A journey of walking hand in hand with God – trusting Him, believing Him and obeying Him. Life will get better. Have an amazing week!


2 thoughts on “Living an abundant life

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    I undoubtedly loving every small touch of it I have you bookmarked to take a look at
    new stuff you post.


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