An inside out checkup

I don’t know about you but sometimes (like a lot), I feel overwhelmed by life. I have demands on my time as a wife, mother of adults (still give them advice), mother in law, daughter, sister, team leader at work, church etc and I find myself getting agitated and uptight. So what do we do if we find ourselves in that situation or it has been our constant best friend for a time. We need to do what David did! Not slay the giant but find the secret place away from our giant for a while.

David one day found himself in a circumstance he didn’t envisage. He had come back home with his army after being rejected by the Philistine army. When he arrived home, his house had been burnt down and his family had been taken hostage. This was not an isolated incidence as it had also occurred in the lives of his entire army. On top of that, his army wanted to kill him because they were so distraught. So what did David do? He found the secret place and strengthened himself in God. Literally, he sought God, God strengthened him and God gave him the plan. Was there more fighting to go? Yes, David and his army had to again push on to receive everything back that was rightfully theirs. 

Sometimes in our lives, we need to do the same thing- strengthen ourself in God. Go back into that secret place, let God strengthen you, find the game plan and continue on.

However, there is a much better place that we need to strive to be. That is, in Gods presence regularly. You see if we keep in constant fellowship with God, He is better able to warn us when these battles will come or if they come on us unexpectedly, we are already used to that place where we need to go. It will seem more usual to draw our strength from God than unusual.

If we are good with God on the inside, we know we can face whatever happens on the outside. We can ask God to direct our steps, to guide us, to give us wisdom and we will know in our hearts He is always with us.

So take your time and give yourself an inside check up. Your life won’t be the same and you will finally have what you’ve been longing for – peace!!

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