Offended vs Breakthrough

Oftentimes in our lives, we get offended when either God or someone else tells us no. We think we’re ready for the next step or to get a promotion or to get a new car or to be treated better etc but the answer coming through is you’re not good enough, not ready, not what we’re looking for or not financial enough. But almost often in the offence or on the other side of offence is a chance for our moment of breakthrough if we just recognise it. It could be that we need to save more, do a course, get our attitude right, work harder, look for other opportunities or most times just wait on God for His direction. But how can we recognise that breakthrough? What does it look like? 

Let’s read a story in the Bible in Matthew 15: 21 to 28. It is the story about the faith of a gentile woman. Now before we begin to look at the story, there are two important points to note. One this person was a woman who were usually not considered that highly and the second and most important she was a gentile (like us). This posed an issue because Jesus came across her but was mandated to reach the Jews only. Let’s continue with the story bearing these two things in mind.

This woman heard Jesus was in her area and came pleading to Him to heal her daughter. Notice what Jesus did – He didn’t answer her at all. He basically rejected her. Now at this point in time most of us would have got offended and walked away. But not this determined lady! She stayed and then Jesus spoke and stated His mission was not to help her. Did she walk away rejected? NO!!! She worshipped him and continued to plead. She was not giving up. Jesus then basically called her a dog and called her status lower than the Jews. Did offence come? NO!!! She turned Jesus’ argument around and said even the little dogs eat the crumbs. Basically, she was saying, Lord I don’t want all the food just enough of a crumb to enable my daughter to be healed. Jesus then recognised the faith that this woman had and her daughter was healed. You see her breakthrough was on the in the middle of the offence. She was waiting and watching for an opportunity for her daughter to be healed. Jesus moved outside of His mission and past the cross to heal this lady’s daughter because of her persistence and her faith. If Jesus did that for her, He will do it for you.

What are you offended about? Turn it around and remind God of His Word. Don’t get offended when the pastor says no? Do what you can to serve others whilst sitting in the congregation. Do what you can, don’t get offended and let God do the rest. If He moved time for this woman, He will do the same as you as long as faith prevails and not offence. Have an amazing week and keep living the life God intended for you to live. 

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