Living in your culture

Culture – what does that really mean. In the dictionary, one of the meanings is the behaviours and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic or age group. As my husband and I have been cruising Papua New Guinea recently, I have seen the people really embracing their culture and being proud of it. They still have to do all the normal things everyone does: keeping house, going to work and school and tending to their families but in the midst of that their culture is not separate to their everyday lives but a part of their everyday lives. God calls us to live in the Kingdom of God in exactly the same way- a part of our everyday life and not just separate on a Sunday only.

God called most people in the Bible out of their normal everyday and transferred them into His will and His purpose for their lives, but that doesn’t mean they gave up their everyday, they just lived their everyday in Gods culture. Moses was a prince, then a tender of the flock of his father-in- law then a leader of the Israelites. David was a shepherd, then a warrior before He became King.  Joseph was a son, then a prisoner then Pharaohs deputy. Abraham came out of a foreign country when God called him but still had an everyday life except he was believing in the promise of a son. Joseph and Mary were living in their everyday lives, in love and betrothed when the virgin birth occurred and Jesus was born. Not everyone went on to hold great positions or what we would say are great but they had faith in God and lived their everyday lives in accordance with their faith.

How do we live in the culture of the Kingdom of God? Well the Kingdom of God comes with living a life of righteousness (believing and knowing we are right with God), peace (having an assurance that God walks with us in everything) and joy (having a life of abundance) in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17).  So how do we incorporate it in our everyday lives? Easy,but sometimes not really. By loving God and loving people. If we love God, we will obey His commands ( His Word) and if we love people, we are loving Gods creation. Then we will know we are right with God, we know He is walking with us and we will live a life of abundance.

So let’s continue to live our everyday lives incorporating loving God and loving others and see how your world will change. Living within the Christian culture is not hard, it’s easy! So this week love God and love others and let your light shine!!!


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