Letting go of insecurities

Insecurities – we all have them. Sometimes we feel our ones are just too insurmountable for us to ever overcome. In my life, my biggest insecurity and still is, is shyness. Some people would believe this and some people wouldn’t. Why is that? It is because our insecurities are grounded in self – my insecurities. Often it is not in what others think or see when they look at us – it is what makes me feel inadequate and most of the time what I hide behind. 

In the Bible, Moses was one that tried to hide behind his insecurities. I can hear what you’re thinking if you know the story of Moses or have even seen “The Prince of Egypt”. Moses was Pharaoh’s son – by status he was a prince. By birth – he was an Israelite – a person chosen by God. He grew up in a palace and never wanted for anything or was that where he was hiding? One day, he decided to step out and take his rightful place as an advocate or leader of the Israelites. That didn’t work too good as he killed someone and when Pharaoh found out, Moses ran away.

Some forty years later, God called Moses. Moses didn’t want to be called – he had tried the leadership thing and failed. So what did Moses do – listed all his insecurities and the reasons he couldn’t. Some of those reasons were he couldn’t speak well, no one would listen to him, he wasn’t good enough, he didn’t know God enough etc (Exodus 3). But what did God say – God totally ignored the reasons and put into place His plan. God wasn’t going to let Moses’ supposed insecurities to stand in the way of releasing His people from Egypt and Moses was going to be his leader regardless.

I love that God saw Moses’ potential and not his insecurities. Same with us. How do we overcome our insecuruties? The following ways:

1. Believe what God says about us by reading His Word and finding out.

2. Look upwards and not inwards

3. Run to God when insecurities arise and find out His wisdom.

4. Remind yourself that you are more than you can see now – you have amazing potential in God and God has great plans for your life.

This week when insecurities come, don’t let them take hold. Know that you are a child of God and your are His prince or princess. God will never let you down. Keep following the plans of God for your life and hold your held high. You are way more than you can see. Have a great week.

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