Building your foundation

Last week my husband was sharing a story about how in a renovation of a house off the ground, the stumps must be stabilised first before the upper part of the house can be fixed. This reminded me of how important it is to build the foundation in our own lives. For me, the most important foundation is building my life on Jesus. What exactly does that mean? I will get to that in a minute but other foundation blocks in our lives (as well as Jesus) can be our personal values and morals.

In the Bible there is a story about two houses being built. One house was built on sand and the other was built on the rock. Now while everything was going perfectly to plan, these houses looked the same. Both had windows, doors and were comprised of a structure. But one day something happened. Both were battered by the same storm but both houses did not suffer the same consequences. The house that was built on sand crumpled while the one built on rock stood firm. What was the difference? The foundations they were built on.

In our own lives, we are like those houses. We can either have our foundations built quickly and flimsily or built slowly and take time. I choose to build my foundation on Jesus. He will never let me down and is always there holding me up when those storms of life come to batter me. If your foundation isn’t sure, you will crumple in the storm. For example, if one of your values is that you will always be honest in your dealings and you allow dishonesty to come into your life, your foundation has been rocked and will eventually crumple. This world’s values and morals are changing all the time and if we build our foundation on them, pretty soon they will shift and our foundations will fall.

This week determine in your heart to build your foundation on Jesus. Read His word, pray and do what the Bible says- but first you need to believe it is true. If you do that, your foundation will remain strong and you will not fall when storms come. If you lose balance, ask God to forgive you and you will be restored. Have a great week and keep living the life God intended.

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