Only believe

This phrase has been coming up in my life quite a lot lately as I grapple with some things happening in my family. You know those things – the ones that look absolutely impossible and hopelessness threatens to overtake your life. But in those times that I have cried out to God in my heart, the whisper of “only believe” makes me realise that God is still in control.

I am reminded of a story in the Bible regarding this. Jarius’ little girl was sick and he had looked for and found Jesus. After telling Jesus the story, Jesus decided to go with him back to his house. Who knows that when Jesus “appears” to be answering our prayers and walking beside us that distractions come to the surface. In Jairus’ case, it was the woman we know who had the issue of blood. Fancy being known as that! She desperately wanted her healing and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. This stopped Jesus in his tracks. Jesus wanted to know who the person was that used their faith, reached out to Him and was healed. 

Jesus found her and she then told Him her whole story. Meanwhile Jairus is desperately waiting for Jesus to notice him again and come heal his daughter. However, his servants came and told him that his daughter had already died. Upon hearing this, Jesus turned to him and said only believe. To me, that would have been a hard thing to do. Except for the fact that Jairus had just witnessed a miracle in an unclean woman’s life. The thoughts going through his head could have been ” well Jesus just healed that unclean woman and my daughter is just a little girl so Jesus can heal her too”. The end of the story is that the daughter did get healed. So what’s the lesson for us!

All we need to do is read the Gospels and we know that Jesus healed. What Jesus did in the Bible, He can do for you and for me. All we have to do is only believe – believe that Jesus is our Saviour, He is our Healer, He is our Provider, He is our God. 

So if you are like me and going through some difficult circumstances, let’s live life the way that God intended and just believe together. God can come through on His promises if we will only believe the He is and that He can.

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