Seeing the potential

As I was praying last week at church, God spoke to me and said don’t look at the empty chairs, look at the chairs filled with people.  I always see the potential not what you see in the natural. This reminds me a little of the word faith. It says in Hebrews that without faith it is impossible to please God.

I love the stories of Jesus’ many miracles. One of his first miracles was when He was preaching by the sea. The crowd pressed too close so He jumped into a fisherman’s boat. When Jesus finished preaching, He told Peter to let down his nets for a catch. Now we all need to understand that Peter was a fisherman and Jesus was a carpenter. But God doesn’t care about your natural talents and abilities, He cares about our obedience and giving the best for Him. Peter’s response was we have toiled all night but okay I will put my worst net in and see what happens. Guess what happened, they caught so many fish that the net began to break (bad net).  Then Jesus told Peter to leave all and follow Him and Peter would catch men for Jesus.

Two potentials appear in this story- one was in relation to the net. Peter used one of his worst nets as he couldn’t see the potential in the words of Jesus. The second potential was in relation to Peter himself. On this day, Peter couldn’t even do what he was good at and here was Jesus offering him a new calling – a ministry which would impact the early Church for Jesus.

So what is your potential? Is there a dream in your heart that needs to be activated by believing the word of God? Is there a new calling that Jesus is putting on your life and your natural circumstances are limiting your potential? I encourage you today to press into Jesus, believe His words and start walking towards your potential one step at a time. As for me, when I walk into church this Sunday morning, I will not see only chairs, I will see chairs filled with people. 

Keep living the amazing life God intended you to have and see your potential in Him.

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