New year new start

I really like the start of a new year. It gives all of us the opportunity to let go of the past in all areas of our lives and gives us an expectant hope that this year will be better, more exciting and contain more opportunities than last year.

 A few years ago a friend had given me a glass jar and a few little notes and asked that all of our blessings or good things that happen to us be written on a note each time it happens and then placed in the jar. So last year, on New Year’s Eve, my husband and I sat down, tipped the little notes out of the jar and started to reminisce about all the good things that happened last year. We then prayed together and each of us wrote a note about what we were believing God for this year and put it in the jar. We then threw away those old notes. You may say that is a bit harsh but not really, because we are believing God for new and fresh things to happen this year.

One of the verses in the Bible says “forgetting those things that lie behind and pressing forward”. God does not want us to live in the past- He wants us to remember the good things He has done for us, the lessons we have learned and those things, together with a consistent hope and trust in God will lead us to press into our future and know that God is always with us. It gives us a confidence that we can face whatever the future may bring knowing that God is standing with us and will never leave us.

When we look towards the future for this year, not everything that will happen will be good – there are some difficult circumstances that some of us are walking in right now but keep your hand in God’s hand and He will lead you through. Don’t try in your own strength or you will find yourself in a mess. Look for the grace and the mercy and the love of God in these times. Don’t give up on God.

So as we walk into this year, remember count your blessings as they happen and look forward to the great things God has in store for us. If you are not looking forward to this year, find one good thing you can believe God for this year and go for it! You never know where a vision or dream may lead! Keep living your life the way God intended for you to live it and be blessed!


13 thoughts on “New year new start

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