Did you know

One of my favourite Chistmas carols is “Mary did you know” and as I reflect on the words to that carol this year, as a mum I can imagine those things she went through. Pregnant and in a strange town, her baby decides to come. There was no room for them in any of the inns because they were too full. It seemed like the angel’s words to her was just too far away. But after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy, did she know?

Did she know that this baby boy was there when the world was created, did she know that her baby boy would grow up and touch His world for good doing the will of God, did she know that her baby boy would die before she did but in the process become her saviour and her Lord. The answer to all that is probably no but like all new mums we all have hopes and dreams for our kids- for them to make a difference in their world for good and to live out the destiny and purpose that God has for them.

As Mary watched the shepherds come that night and bow down to worship her baby boy and as she later on was visited by those wise men that gave her family gifts, she probably pondered the future of her baby boy.

This Christmas let’s do what Mary did with our sons and daughters. Let’s pray for them believing that God has a great plan for their life and a great future mapped out. For those with little babies, take time to reflect and ponder on the most precious gift that you have been given and entrusted with. The precious life of a baby boy or girl where the influence and the parenting of this child is your responsibility as you walk hand in hand with God. Who knows what awesome plans God has for our children’s lives. Even if your children are grown (like mine are), never give up. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt at the age of 80, Noah spent 120 years building a boat – it is never too late if they still are here! And it’s not too late for you!

Have a merry Christmas and don’t forget to thank God for the most amazing gift He has given you – Jesus!!!


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