Yes can be a good answer.

At this time of year, I often ponder the story of Mary and the angel. This teenage girl’s life was about to change forever but only if she answered “yes”. I wonder if I was in her shoes would I react the same way. Looking over my life I probably wouldn’t – not because I didn’t want to but because I would have wanted to think about it more.

Let’s look at the story in more detail in Luke 1 from verse 26.  The angel appeared to Mary – I don’t know about you but I would have been a bit fearful and wouldn’t be able to speak. Part of the angel’s greeting was the Lord is with you. Right away Mary knew in her heart that it was okay because God was with her. In the coming months and years I wonder how many times she reminded herself of those words. When something happens to upset my world, I often remind myself Karen – God is with me. Those words bring a level of comfort and hope to our hearts.

The angel then launches into the plan He has for Mary’s life. An angel will hover over her, she will become pregnant and give birth to a Son who would rule over Israel. Hang on are you sure you have the right girl is what I would have been thinking. How many times do we miss the plan of God for our lives because we discount ourselves not valuable or worthy when God says we are. Mary had no such issues – her relationship and trust in God must have been very secure. All she did was question the method of pregnancy.

Once the angel had given that answer, Mary responded I am the Lord’s servant and may your words become true. Hang on, this event was going to change your life forever. For starters you have a fiancé – what is he going to say? 

But Mary didn’t question, she knew God’s plan and purpose for her life was good and all worked out. She knew to say “no” would be wrong and have dire consequences but to say “yes” to God would bring blessing to her life.

We may not understand the things God tells us to do or what He says will happen or what we need to walk through. Like Mary, our only response to God should be yes and be it unto me according to your word. Our lives will then have meaning and purpose and peace that we are walking in God’s perfect will for us. 

Keep living the life God intended for you and say “yes” to God and “yes” to His Word. Bless you heaps!!!


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