Character before promotion

In the world we are currently residing, when we go for a new job, our employer looks at our degrees, our skills and our abilities- basically the things we can do. However, in Gods kingdom, promotion relies on who we are and not what we can do. Why is that? God can only be glorified when we can’t do something but He can though us. I have found in my own life that God generally uses my weakness for His glory.

I love the story of Joseph and want to share with you a verse I read this week.  It is in Psalm 105:15. It states that “until the time came to fulfil his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character”. Joseph was a young man when sold into slavery into Egypt. Things seem to go all right for a time- he was second in charge in an influential household until one day when he was falsely accused. He was then thrown into prison where after a time, he was again put in charge. He then interpreted two men’s dreams which came true and told them not to forget him – which they did. He then interpreted a dream for Pharoah and in less than one day was promoted to second in charge in the land. When we look at this chronology of events, Joseph had leadership written over his life but it came in stages – from a house to a prison to a land. That seems like a backward step, in the middle but as he went along more people were put under his leadership. 

The verse says that God was testing Joseph’s character. How so? In slavery, he was taught forgiveness. In the influential household, he was taught integrity and in prison, he was taught about people. All these things combined, led to him being able to be a good second in charge ruler over Egypt. He understood people and their faults and was a man of integrity in everything.

Today, think about your situation. Are you resentful because you feel like you are in a prison with no escape, do you feel like a slave with no recognition or are you enjoying the journey God has laid out for you?  These are the questions we need to ask to ensure we are where we should be on the journey.

So let God build your character and sit back and wait for the promotion. God will never let you down. This is part of living the life God intended for you.


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