Know who you are

Most of us think we know who we are. If someone asks us, generally, we will tell them we are nice, kind, love people, have a good sense of humour etc.  All of those things are good except when God requires us to do something that we think is beneath who we are. You see, all those things we say about ourselves can relate to our feelings – if you are nice to me, I will be nice to you- because I have a sense of humour, you must laugh at my jokes. However, there is a place God wants us to live in that is far higher than where our feelings can take us. We have to know who we are in God.

The story in the Bible I want us to look at today is found in John 13: 3 to 4. It is about Jesus washing the disciples feet. But I want us to take a good look at verse 3. In part, it states that  “Jesus knew that the Father had given him authority over everything, that He came from God and to God He would return”.  You see, Jesus knew Who He was. He didn’t have to guess or wonder or come up with a word to describe what He was feeling. No, He knew God had given Him authority and His place in God was secure.  

My question to you is: do you know your place in God? Is He the disciplinarian father to you, does God come with a big stick, do you walk around wondering what God is going to do next or do you walk around knowing you are a child of God and you walk in the authority He has given you? 

You see, if Jesus didn’t know Who He was, He could never have washed the disciples feet. This was the lowest of the low jobs but because Jesus knew Who He was, it didn’t affect His self esteem or His place in God.  We should be that way too! Our value and worth doesn’t come from what we do but from God.

So,  the next time God asks you to do something you consider beneath you, remember who you are in God and just do it. You are doing it to be a blessing to others and not to please you.

So, keep working on living the life God intended for you to have and serve others! Your life will be enriched for the better and be amazing!

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