Rising above

In my country, the season we are now in is called storm season. In fact as I write this there is one raging around us now. What is a storm? There is lots of noise, lots of light and lots of rain. The loudness is what my dog does not like. She pants and tries to run away from it. But that it is exactly what we try to do when the storms of life are raging around us. Is that what we should do? Not according to the Word of God.

When one storm came around Jesus out in the middle of the sea, what did He do? He slept through it. He figured that He was in the perfect will of God so why get concerned about a bunch of noise and lights. Another time, He walked on  the water when the waves were so high and a storm was brewing. Jesus didn’t allow the circumstances around Him stop Him from going where God told Him to go.

One of my favourite stories about storms involves the eagle. When a storm comes and the eagle is caught in the middle of it, the eagle just catches the winds, goes through the storm and then flies above it. From above the storm, the storm doesn’t look as big or scary. This is the same as when we look on the radar of a storm approaching. It looks small compared to the big area of our state.

God wants us to be like the eagle and go through the the storm and then rise above it. How do we do that? By trusting in God. That sounds okay but what about something practical. Praise God in the storm. Tell God how amazing He is, thank Him for all His help in previous storms, sing songs of praise to God – either upbeat or slow and above all meditate on the bigness of God. If you do this, very soon, you will see your storm from a different perspective and you will know (with guidance from God) how to get through it.

I know you can do it so I encourage you with the Word of God – that God will never leave you nor forsake you. So hang on and  soar like an eagle. Bless you heaps and keep living the life God intended for you!


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