Friend or sugar daddy

Friend or sugar daddy sounds like a weird title for a message but it is a question we need to ask ourselves about our relationship with God. Is God our friend and do we communicate with Him like a friend or do we treat Him as our sugar daddy with constant requests but no relationship? Let’s just examine this a little further by looking at the lives of some in the Bible.

Let’s look at the life of King David. He had an amazing relationship with God that was learned on the hills watching his fathers sheep. But what other character traits did David have that gave him a friendship with God? I believe these are some of them – he was not afraid to believe God and then face the giant, he was humble enough to seek forgiveness when he committed adultery and murdered a man, he was wise enough to listen to the counsel of God through a woman named Abagail, he believed God regarding his future as a King when the present King was hunting him and he refused to take matters into his own hand and he humbled himself and left when his own son tried to take the kingdom away. What is the similarity between all of these traits – David knew God intimately and he knew his present and future were in Gods hands. 

Now what about treating God as a sugar daddy. A person that is classed as a sugar daddy is one that gives possessions but there is no relationship. The person who treats God this way wants and asks for things constantly but doesn’t have the time to “chat” with God about nothing in particular. We are all guilty of this but God does not answer constant requests – He answers faith requests.

What is a faith request? One that searches the Bible out, finds a scripture about their circumstance and quotes it to God. They then trust that what God said will come to pass and they believe in and trust in God for Who He is- thanking Him in everything.

This week just talk to God like you would your best friend. He will meet you and talk to you. This is part of living the life God intended for you. Bless you heaps!!

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