Living set free

At the moment my ankle is not set free. It is living within the confines of a bandage. It is limiting my walk, my posture and most importantly my ability to do things. The ankle is not free, it is captive. As I was reading my Bible, a portion of a verse in Isaiah 51 jumped out at me ” o captive daughter of Zion”. Like my ankle we can be kept confined and not living set free. God says if He sets us free, we are. There is no question, no debate, no conditions- if we have been set free by God, we are!!! So, how come we are not in all areas of our life? I believe it comes down to we don’t know that we are a princess and a daughter of the King ( or a prince and a son of the King). So let’s look at three areas, we can all work on to become set free!

The first is our walk. Each day as we get up out of bed, what is our attitude – are we going to have a great day or a bad one. Our attitude will hold us in bondage. So how do we change? By thinking positive thoughts, by seeing ourselves as God sees us – beautiful, His daughters or sons and His creation. We need to try and look for the positives in everything. Is it hard? Yes but when we fall God forgives, we forgive us and we move on.

The second thing is our posture. Do we walk around looking free or looking as if we are enslaved by something. Stand up – not only on the outside but on the inside too. Jesus said He would carry our burdens and the Holy Spirit is our comforter – so just let them! Don’t hold stuff, give it to the One Who is more equipped to carry it.

The last thing is our ability. God has a special gifting for each one of us- so don’t crave someone else’s. This can sometimes be difficult as we don’t think our gift is as important as someone else’s. One of the dear ladies in my previous church just loved to encourage everyone. She didn’t think it was important or special but everyone else did. God also has a amazing plan for your life – so seek God for it and don’t allow you and me to be held captive by Gods plan or ability in someone else.

So if you are feeling captive, seek God, change your thoughts, read the Bible to find out who you really are and keep living the life God intended for you to have – an amazing, exciting adventure.

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