You are more than you can see

Whilst on holidays, I went to Broadway in New York and saw the musical “Lion King”. Apart from the amazing puppetry, singing and acting – especially by the boy who played the young Simba, there is a message in the story for all of us. You are more than you can see!!!

You see, young Simba was held responsible for his fathers death by his mean uncle. He blamed Simba even though it wasn’t his fault. As a result, Simba did not take his rightful place on Pride Rock but ran away. Those words spoken over his life had a terrible effect. Some of us may be like that. We have had words spoken over our lives that may appear to have been true but in actuality were not. Those words could have been – you’re dumb, you’re not pretty or you will never amount to anything or you don’t belong in this family etc.  Those words can have a devastating effect on our lives but those words don’t define us- only our creator can do that! God says that He has a good plan for our lives – one that will bring a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). 

So where did Simba run too! To the land of no worries. It sounds like a good land but God didn’t create us to live in a land of no worries – He created us to fulfil the plan that He has for our lives and to live an abundant life – not a carefree life! So that wasn’t where Simba was meant to be either! However, whilst in this land, someone appeared to Simba and reminded him of who he was. He was the King of the lions at Pride Rock. Once Simba received the revelation, he returned and took his rightful place.

What about you and me? Are we living in the land of not good enough or no worries or fulfilling the purpose God has for our lives. You and I are more than what we can see. We are looking through natural eyes but God is looking at eternity. Pray and find your purpose and spend the rest of your life fulfilling it. Then you will see yourself as God sees you – His child created in His image, living the life He intended for you to live.

So,keep living the life God intended for you and be truly blessed!!!

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