What is your life’s purpose?

I have been on holidays for a few weeks so haven’t written my blog. In one of the cities I visited, there was a statue of a man and underneath this was written about him – preacher of God – lover of men. As I stood there and pondered those words, I realised that this was what I would like people to say about me too. I realised that my life’s purpose could be summed up in those six words. So what is your life’s purpose?

For most of us, that question haunts us all or most of our lives. What am I here for and what mark am I supposed to leave on this world? For most of us, when looking at our lives, that will seem insignificant. We may never have a statue erected in our honour or have our name on some honour board somewhere. Face it, after a while, most people forget that person. But don’t get discouraged!!! The purpose for you and I being here is to fulfil the plan that God has for our lives- a plan that will be forever marked and honoured in heaven. That is more important – because in heaven you will never be forgotten and neither will the fulfilment of your purpose be.

You see heavens legacy is people. Every bit of money you gave to God is all about people and seeing them in heaven, every bit of praying you did is all about people and seeing them in heaven, every time you tell your testimony is all about people and seeing them in heaven and everytime you read your Bible, it is to equip us to become more like Jesus, listening to His instructions and helping to change the lives of people and seeing them in heaven.

Gods greatest asset is people. When He created us, He said we were very good. We were made in His image and His likeness and we are special. Jesus came to earth to show us how to live, to die for us and to rise again and to continue to pray for us so we make it to heaven.

So what is your life purpose? It is whatever God has called you to do but it is wrapped up in preaching God (however that looks in your particular purpose) and loving mankind. If you don’t know your particular purpose, keep reading the Bible and praying and giving and all will be revealed in God’s perfect plan for you.

Remember keep living the life God intended for you and have a great week!

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