Before the storm comes

Many sermons are preached on what to do in the storm but how do we prepare prior to the storm. Where I live we are told to prepare in case a storm hits every spring. So how do we prepare when storms hit us in our personal lives?

Just this week our house has had a lot of ants. As I was looking at them, I was reminded of how they prepare before rain hits. They come into the house, find leftover food and crumbs and take it back to their nests. Oftentimes when we are outside, we see the ants have built their nests up quite high. They are preparing for danger.

Jesus told us in Matthew that we need to build our house on the rock and not on the sand. When we go to the beach and build a sand castle, it doesn’t take much time at all. But what happens when a big wave comes in, that sand castle is no more. So we need to make a wise decision and build our house (or our lives) on the rock, not on little stones but on rock. The rock in the Bible refers to Jesus. How did He prepare for the storms?

There is one story where Jesus went into a boat with His disciples and told them to cross to the other side. A storm arose while they were on their way. Did Jesus know the storm was coming? Probably but He went out into it anyway. Where was Jesus in the middle of the storm? Asleep in the bottom of the boat. You see Jesus had already prepared for the storm. He spoke a word and said lets go to the other side and that was that!  He went to sleep knowing that the word would come to pass. He had faith in the words that were spoken. Why was that? Because He only spoke what God told Him to speak.

To prepare for our storm, we need to immerse ourselves in the Word of God and become so familiar with it that when the storms come, the Word that is planted within us will come out of us.

This week, prepare for the storm, spend time reading the Word of God and talking to Him. This is the way you live your life as God intended. Bless you heaps!!!


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