Have faith in

All of us put our faith in something. Faith is not necessarily a ” religious” word – it is what most of us do everyday. A simple definition is believing that you receive something before you actually see it. Some everyday examples include knowing that your paycheck is going to arrive on a certain day even when you can’t see it, trusting the bus or train driver is going to get you somewhere before you get there, knowing that you are going to end something like school before you get there etc.

Faith is in the everyday but the power of faith is actually in who or what you are trusting. For some of you, it might be your employer to pay you, a doctor to give you the right medicines to help you get better, your spouse to meet all your needs etc.  All of those examples can sometimes be trusted but what if something happens and you don’t get what you think eg retrenchment (no paycheck), a doctors report that is bad or you find your spouse can’t meet all of your needs. What then??

Sometimes, that can feel like a hopeless situation but not if you put your faith in God. That scripture in Mark 11:23 really resonated with me the other day and caused me to aske the question of myself. Who or what have or do I put my trust in? If I am really honest, sometimes that is not God when things are going well but is always God when things aren’t going well. We all need to trust in God more. He comes up with awesome and different plans for us to win the battle and stay winning! It is good to win a game but the most important is to stay winning and that is where I want to live my life. Winning!!!

How do we do that? Trust God always! That is easier said than done but once we make God our first to call on, not our last, we will start and keep winning because the Bible tells us we will.

How do we start this journey? Pick something that your are struggling with- maybe not having enough patience. Go to the Bible and find the verse about patience. It is one of the fruits that should be showing in our life. Read the verse everyday and personalise it. Thank God everyday that you walk in the fruit of the Spirit of patience. Pretty soon you will be but just remember this a fight and we need to fight for what God says we can have and be like. If you fall, ask God for forgiveness and move on.

This week, have faith in God, not things or people. Remember you are already victorious and can do it through Jesus. Have a great week!!!

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