Taking stock

In writing this blog this week, I didn’t receive any special message so I just thought I would blog on being thankful. You see, most of us have much to be thankful for – our freedom, our family, our freedom to worship God, our friends, employment, health etc.  This list can go on and on. … More Taking stock

Seasons of change

As I write this, I am contemplating changes in my own life. You see tomorrow is my youngest son’s wedding day. He is the first of my children to get married. The changes are all good but I know things will change. Even though he has been out of home a few years, I am … More Seasons of change

Have faith in

All of us put our faith in something. Faith is not necessarily a ” religious” word – it is what most of us do everyday. A simple definition is believing that you receive something before you actually see it. Some everyday examples include knowing that your paycheck is going to arrive on a certain day … More Have faith in

Are you blessed

Blessed – that word conjures up meanings of wealth, prosperity, abundance and overflow. Most of the time we associate that word with money. Money, however, is only part of the blessing that we were created for.  Think about it, if you were a millionaire but suffering with a terrible disease or had no friends or … More Are you blessed