Brave- this is the theme of the ladies conference I will be attending this week. The word brave conjures up images of fireman fighting fires, people rescuing others from dangerous situations, ladies with scarves on going through cancer treatments and single parents raising their children. For some of us, however, we may never find ourself in those situations. So does that mean, we are not brave. I don’t think so. Brave is doing things that we never thought we could.

To me, being brave, means waking up each morning and facing the day ahead, being brave means finding a scripture in the Bible that pertains to my circumstance and beginning to walk it out, being brave means serving in Church in an area that you didn’t think you could, being brave means stepping out and trying new things. For most of us, brave happens in our everyday life. It is not linked to hero, it is linked to possibility.

In the Bible, there were lots of brave people. However, I am not going to talk about those that did brave things like David slaying the giant. I am going to open up those brave situations that we sometimes skim over, because they seem to be natural. 

The first instance is when Jesus fed the 5000 men as well as women and children with 5 loaves and a few fish. My brave moment in this story is when Jesus handed the first disciple the food to hand out to others. Whoever that was was brave. He didn’t know a miracle was going to take place and all would be fed. He just trusted Jesus and handed it to the next person. Brave is generally on this side of your miracle.

The second story is Paul and Silas in jail. They didn’t know that just singing praise to God in the inner most parts of the prison would bring such deliverance. A family was saved, none of the other prisoners ran away (even though the cells were all open) and their own wounds were tended to. Brave in the midst of a dark situation can lead to miraculous breakthrough.

This week as you reflect and live your life, look for the brave in everyday and know that you are not only doing brave things, you are brave.

Have an amazing week you warrior sons and daughters. You are truly blessed!!

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