Planted not buried

This week I read a Facebook post that stated that when darkness comes around our lives, to remember that we are not buried but planted. This was a challenge to me as sometimes I do feel buried and not just planted. Although both of them occur in the same place – underground, dark, damp and dirty – the end result of both is very different. 

To be buried means to never see the “light” again, for example when we forgive someone or when we deal with some “sin” in our lives. It is more for those “things” in our life that touch our emotions. Being planted means that we are in the season for a reason- that after the season is over, the “light” will return. It is a spiritual state – one where God is developing our character, our integrity, our compassion, our love etc. to fulfil that amazing plan He has for each of our lives. Some speakers and writers refer to it as our “wilderness” time.

So how do we get through this “planted” time in one piece, without totally crumbling and does this happen only once in our lives? The answer to the second question is no,sorry, but we will go through this multiple times as God is continuing to make us more like Jesus. If God made us go through this once, we would probably throw our hands in the air and give up. But each time God allows us to be “planted” we grow stronger and stronger in Him (and not in our own abilities).

One person in the Bible who went through such a time was Joseph. He was put in prison when he had done nothing wrong and kept there until the timing was right. But what did he learn in the prison time- how to hear from God more clearly in dreams, how to serve those around him and how to be content in all circumstances. It was a difficult time but one that needed to be had for the plan of God for his life to be successful. Joseph went from the prison to the palace in less than one day. God can take you to your palace (perfect plan of God for your life) in less than one day. The more time you are planted, the bigger the palace.

So next time you feel planted or if you feel that way now, seek God for His wisdom and let Him uncover the deep things within you and pretty soon, the palace will be in front. Have an amazing week and keep trusting God – the only one Who will be there and Who knows you!!!!

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