When disappointment comes

Disappointment will appear in our lives from time to time but it is in what we do with it and how we respond to it that matters most. Who do you turn to when you get disappointed? Your friends, family, the biggest block of chocolate or God. I deliberately put God last in that statement because God is usually the last one we turn to. But He is the One that can help us overcome it the quickest and provides the best way for us. David in the Bible is a great example of how to overcome disappointment and this is his particular story.

He and his men went off to fight a war. The first disappointment came when they were not allowed to participate in fighting the war (even though they were the best). It didn’t end there – they went back to their town and found that all their families and possessions were gone and their town was burnt down. If that wasn’t bad enough, the men blamed David and wanted to kill him. But what did David do “he strengthened himself in the Lord”. The only place our strength comes from is God- not from chocolate or well meaning friends or family. They can comfort us but not provide a way out (except maybe revenge). This story is found in 1 Samuel 30.

What happened then? Once David strengthened himself in God, God gave him the strength to put a plan into action. I love that – when we are weak God makes us strong. David and his men set out after their families and their possessions and in a couple of days had recovered all.

What can we learn from this story? The first is that disappointment comes to all. We are not immune to it but this story teaches us we can overcome it, if we seek God and His way of doing things. The second thing is that we can recover those things that are lost.  Maybe it is a promotion, a new house or maybe even a lost friendship. But if we stick with God, we will win. The third thing is that sometimes disappointments mean that the timing is not right. God knows the beginning from the end and sometimes our disappointments can be turned into stepping stones for the best plan that God has for us.

So next time disappointment comes, run to God and ask for His help and plan. Remember disappointments will come but with God you can overcome them and turn them into divine opportunities in which you can continue to grow and be all that God wants you to be.

Have an amazing week and remember with God on your side, you will win!!😊😊

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