One of my favourite things to do is declutter my house. I know, it sounds strange but it is just me. While I was pondering on my sons move last weekend, I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to me regarding the things I need to move in my own heart. There are two things you need to do to move from one place to the next. They are decluttering and packing when you are about to move and organising when you get to the place you are going. Those are two things we need to do in our own lives from time to time.

The first involves decluttering those things (attitudes, wrong thinking, past failures ect.) from our lives. It is difficult to do this by ourselves. This is because these things are usually stored in our hearts, but affect our minds. The good news is that God will help us do this, only if we are willing to let Him. King David prayed ” search me O God and try my heart. See if there is any wicked way in me”. It is only God that can delve into our hearts and shine the light on those things we have hidden away or buried so deep. We think they cannot hurt us there but they actually control some of our attitudes and perceptions, from time to time. I love it that God loves me so much, He is willing to show me and work with me to change me to be more like Him- loving, kind and thinking the best.

The second thing involves organising what is in our hearts and keeping it decluttered. Every day we need to read the Bible and pray and tackle those things in our lives that are not right. This process will never end but it will get easier as each thing is revealed and conquered through the Word of God. Everybody’s situation is different and we need to remember that. Walking with God is just that – a journey, sometimes through valleys but a lot of time, it is on the mountain.

Keep going- you are all further along this journey that yesterday (even if you have just started). Remember God is always willing to help you- it is just us that lets our pride get in the way.

Next time that you are moving or decluttering something, remember to let God help you to declutter you. You are all amazing and God has an amazing plan and purpose for your life. So go live it! Have an amazing week!


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