Easy but oh so hard

A friend asked me a few weeks ago about what my church believed in. I told her it is simple “love God and love others”. I am in good company because when Jesus was asked the same question about which were the greatest commandments, He responded in exactly the same way. Being a Christian is simple and hinges on the above statement.  It is easy to say and easy to believe in but oh so hard to do. So how can we best love God and love others.

To love God first requires that we have a relationship with Him. We ask God to come and live in our hearts after we have asked for forgiveness for all of our wrongdoing. We then are clean and feel brand new. Then what? We spend time with God. We can sit and talk to Him, we can read all about Him in the Bible so He talks to us and we can go to church where we can talk with others about God. That sounds okay and it is!!

The hardest part is loving others. Often we forget what God has forgiven us for and we judge others according to the standard we now live in instead of the one we left behind. So how is it best to love others. I believe it is by:

1. Seeing others how God sees them. How is that? Forgiven but needing a Saviour, loveable when their actions don’t match, with amazing gifts when we cannot see what they are. In essence, seeing people through the eyes of faith and possibility.

2. Serving them. As you serve those around us, we come to know them – to see their fears, insecurities but most often their potential.

3. Spending time with them – get to know the real person and not the one they project to the world around them.

As we do these things, our worlds will become better and our lights will shine brighter.

So this week, love God a little more that you do now and spend an extra seven minutes with Him- only one minute per day. Love others as you would want them to love you. Keep shining your light and living the abundant life God gave you!!,

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