Who or what is leading you

This is a pertinent question to ask ourselves at this time. There are a lot of voices trying to lead us – most with opinions – some the same but some are different. So who or what is leading you and by this I am talking about the whole you. Is it fashion, is it the opinions of the media presenters, is it the latest fad, is it the latest principle or ideal that we should be adhering too- just who or what is doing your leading?

One of my favourite psalms in the Bible and probably most people’s is Psalm 23. This psalm talks about Who is supposed to be leading us for all the right reasons. This is a psalm that talks about our journey through life. But first and foremost it tells us Whom should be leading. Verse 1 states that the Lord is my shepherd. Let’s think a moment about what a shepherd does – he leads, he guides, he provides the sheeps needs, he protects and he nurtures. I don’t know about you but this is someone I would want leading me- someone that cares for the whole me.

The next part of that verse states that I will not want. Why? Because I am being led by a good shepherd who cares for me. This also means that I will not lack in any area of my life if I am being led by my shepherd. 

“He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul”. My soul is being cared for- my mind, will and emotions are all kept in a peaceful state. How many of us crave that? Well we can have it, if we are being led.

This all sounds great but will my shepherd lead me if I get into trouble. Yes, He will. The next part states that even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear because You are beside me. Even when trouble comes (which it always will), our shepherd will be there with us, walking through with us. Notice it doesn’t say camping, it says walking through. Oftentimes we need to just keep walking through because if we do, the light will always come.

You can read the rest of the psalm for yourself. Just allow yourself the chance to really take in what you are reading. Jesus is our shepherd and if we let Him lead us, we will not be swayed and led by all that stuff going on around us. Jesus came to give you and I an abundant life – one where we can live close to Jesus and love God and others. When we keep our eyes on Jesus, our lives will count for something and our world will be enriched. Be blessed in everything you do!!


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