The power of choice

I have been reminded this week of the power of choice. Choice is what each of us do in every area of our lives and ultimately it is the only thing that affects our present but more importantly our future. It is not our upbringing, our parents, our lack of schooling or even our perceived lack of gifts – it is purely our choice to live our lives according to who we are and what we possess.

One of my favourite scriptures is in the book of Deuteronomy. God was speaking to the Israelites before they entered the promised land. This scripture states that today God had set before them blessings and curses – life and death- therefore choose life. In essence God was giving each of them a choice but was instructing them which one to choose because God wants only the best for all of us. Whether you have been walking with God or away from God, God always wants the best for us. Therefore choose life. 

I knew this already but what I felt God say to me was to say I choose life. Often we want to choose to do things Gods way but we don’t say it and therefore it doesn’t seem real. For example, I can choose to forgive someone in my heart but sometimes that unforgiveness can come back. The reason for this is I haven’t spoken it and declared it with my mouth. God created the world by saying and we need to choose life by saying. So, in my example, I would say something like ” God your word says to forgive and today I am choosing to forgive …..  I am choosing to speak life over this situation.” This declares that I mean it and it will come to pass because in essence I am speaking what God is speaking.

We need to choose life everyday. When you are making a decision – choose life. When you are thinking about your future – choose life. God does not want us stuck in the past but moving forward. Choose Gods way and you will always choose life. Have an amazing week!!,

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