Being a culture changer

This phrase really struck me when I was reading a story in the Bible which I will share about soon. Being a culture changer – what does that mean? It means instead of following a path that has been walked before, we create a new path that others can follow. But it has to be a good path – one that brings future and possibility to someone else’s life. Most times we don’t know that we have created a new path until we look behind us to see who’s following or who has created a new path off our one.

The story in the Bible I was referring to is found in Judges 1:12-15. It is the story of Acsah. You have probably never heard her story before but I believe it is significant for this time we are living in. You see in those days, the oldest son received half the inheritance and the other sons shared the other half. It was unheard of for daughters to receive anything. There is a story prior to this where 4 daughters received their father’s promised land but this story is a daughter receiving a gift whilst her father was still living. She asked her father (through her husband) for land and then asked for springs for herself. No questions asked, Caleb gave it to her. This woman was bold enough to change the culture. She asked for something that wasn’t rightfully hers and received it. That was boldness and changed the culture of her day. She forged the pathway for all of us to change the culture around us. By the way, her husband became one of the first judges in Israel.  A culture changing partnership!

Jesus also was a culture changer. He healed the sick not once but continuously and went around doing good. In one instance, they dragged a woman to him who had been caught in the act of adultery (I often wonder what happened to the man caught in the same act). The law said the woman was to be stoned but Jesus offered forgiveness through a statement that should resonate in our lives today- “he that has not sinned should throw the first stone”. Of course, only Jesus could do that but He changed the culture from judgement to forgiveness.

How are we changing the culture around us? It could be in the simple things. If your workplace contains bad language and gossip – just don’t participate – show a better way. If something is happening at church you don’t like- don’t complain, just pray. If your family does not fit the norm – just have the best family relationships that you can and influence those around you.  I know as a single mum, I sent my children to a private school and changed the”normal” within that school.

What are you going to do to change the culture and make your world a better place according to Jesus’ way of doing things. Pray and seek God and He will show you. Look forward to sharing your journey and seeing you and me become culture changers!!


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