Love or obligation  – your choice

This is an interesting choice and one which affects our everyday life. Do we do things for others out of love or obligation? Do we serve God, read our Bible, pray, love those around us and serve others out of which one? I guess it all comes down to our motive. One allows us to do things out of relationship, the other makes us do things by being a slave. I know which one I should choose but do I.  Good question!!!!

Jesus did everything on earth out of love and never out of ogligation. He healed the sick, raised the dead, cleansed the lepers and taught all because He had compassion. Love allows us to serve others, obligation expects others to notice that we serve them.

I love the story of Ruth. She was from Moab and she married an Israelite (who had moved to her country). A while later, her father in law and husband both died as well as her brother in law.  She was left with an Israelite mother in law, along with her sister in law Orpah.  Naomi (mother in law) decided to return to Israel as there was now food there so she told her daughters in law and they set out. Whilst on the journey, Naomi told them to go back to Moab because that was where they were from. Orpah decided to go back – you see she stayed with Naomi because of obligation. Naomi now had nothing to offer so she meant nothing to Orpah.  However, Ruth begged to stay with Naomi. Ruth loved Naomi and stayed because of that. There was something within Naomi that Ruth desired. 

In Jesus’ ministry, there too came a time when this scenario played out. The disciples summed it up perfectly when Jesus also asked the question of whether they would leave hIm. They basically stated that they had nowhere to go – Jesus had the Words that give eternal life.(John6:67).

What is your choice- love or obligation. If we were being true with ourselves, we would say we operate out of both at different times. But God wants us to operate out of love only. Jesus said that by our love would all men know that we are His disciples- not out of our obligation to do what we think is right.

Let’s start by looking at our motives and then lining them up with the Word of God. If we need help, and we will, let us ask God to help us live out of His love and then see our world change for the better around us. Have a love-filled week!!!

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