Mums – a reflection of the love of God

I have had someone call me mum for over 27 years and as I reflect on my time as a mum, it has been a rewarding experience but also a challenging one. In the powerpoint at church on Sunday, one of the statements in essence was that a mother mentors, mothers and nurtures her children. Sounds a bit like what Jesus does in our life. It is a reflection of the love of God in our lives. Let’s look at the three areas.

Nurture – although this seems to be a mothers main role in the first few years of her child’s life, it continues as our child gets older. Nurture in the dictionary means to feed and protect, to support and encourage and to bring up, train and educate. This is what God does in our lives as soon as we give our life to Jesus. God feeds us through us reading the Bible and listening to our pastors. He protects us through the blood of Jesus. He supports us by holding us up in hard times. He encourages us through reminding us of who we are in Him- the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, dearly loved, a royal priesthood, sons and daughters of the King etc. He trains and educates us through the Bible and our pastors and leaders. God is a true nurturer.

Mentor – in the dictionary it is defined as a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher. As previously stated, this happens by reading the Word of God and doing it and by hearing what our pastors and leaders are teaching us. Mums do this a lot. We mentor our children by teaching right from wrong, training them in how to do jobs around the house and teaching them how to treat others etc.

Mother – this word is defined as the qualities that are characteristic of a mother. What is your definition of a mother? Maybe you had a bad experience with your own mother. So my question to you is what characteristics do you think a mother should have? I believe they include loving, protecting, caring, always believes in me and always has my best interests at heart, this sounds to me like the agape love God has for us.

This week reflect on the above whether in your own life or your mums. Reflect on the love that God has for you and know that His love is infinitely more than anyone else’s. You are created by hIm and are special to Him.  Have an amazing week!!!



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