Looking at the big picture

A few weeks ago I applied for quite a senior position at my workplace and didn’t get it. I went for my feedback session today and was told don’t concentrate so much on the tasks but you need to concentrate on what you do that contributes to the whole direction of the office. That caused me to think of God. How often do we misunderstand what God is doing in our lives or around us because we are looking at the tasks (little things) and not at the big picture.

Jesus knew that the disciples needed to see the big picture. Some of the last words He said before ascending into heaven were that the disciples were to preach the gospel in Jerusalem, Judea and to the uttermost parts of the earth. You see Jesus didn’t want them “seeing” their own world, He wanted to expand their vision further. Same as He wants to do with you and me.

We need to quit looking at our circumstances and our world only as we are limiting God in what He wants to do in us (character building) and through us (ministry).  Your talent is far more that what you can see because God does not look at our natural abilities but what He can do if we will just trust hIm. The servant with one talent hid it because that was all he could see. He couldn’t see the value of investing his one talent in something or someone else to watch it grow. He limited his capabilities and in doing so limited God in his life.

Who knows what God has in store for us? But to get in with Gods plan, we need to believe Jeremiah 29:11. God has plans for each of our lives – plans to give us a future and a hope. Hope can never be in the negative because then it wouldn’t be hope – it would be fear. So God has great plans for our lives. How do we know what they are?

Seek God and His Kingdom and all things will then be added. See the big picture God has for you. Look beyond what you can see. Do you know there are millions of people that love God like you do or can you only see those 50 to 100 that you physically see each week. What about your giving? Do you see only $5 or do you see what God can do with it if you will only sow it. Do you look at your physical limitations or see what God can do through you if you will only use your voice and pray for your friends, family, church, city, nation and the world. You can make such a difference even if you don’t even leave the house. God has no boundaries and neither should we if we look at the big picture.

So this week, expand your vision, put your trust in a big God and see the possibilities waiting to be discovered.


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