When trouble comes

This seems to be a recurring theme around my world this week. Whether it is life threatening storms that my area experienced yesterday, national issues that seem to impact us all or family issues that you are in the middle of and you are trusting God to be with you but!!!

Jesus experienced many such times when trouble came around His world but what did He do.  

When He told the disciples to get into the boat and cross to the other side, where was Jesus. Asleep in the boat expecting that the words He spoke would come to pass. But what happened!! Trouble came in the form of a storm where even His disciples (very experienced fishermen) were scared. The funny thing is that the disciples expected Jesus to fix the trouble even though in the natural they were probably more experienced. But at least they knew where to turn to for help! What did Jesus do! He spoke to the storm and told it to be calm! You see trouble can’t affect us when we are calm.  We can walk through the midst of it, just trusting in God and His word.

Another time when trouble came was in the disease that was badly affecting a small child. Jesus had been up on the mountain with a couple of His close disciples in the presence of God. When He came back from the mountain, a man approached him and told Him his son was having seizures and that the disciples could not heal him. This was trouble but nothing to what was to come. Jesus told the man to bring the boy to Him. But more trouble came! As the boy was coming to Jesus, the demon knocked the boy to the ground in another violent seizure. What did Jesus do? He took no notice of the show, rebuked the evil spirit and healed the boy. When trouble came, Jesus didn’t care that there was a show of force, He rebuked the show and healed. Trouble can come into our lives and seemingly put on a show. When that happens, we need to stand on the word of God and call the situation healed.

Many years ago, trouble came to my house. My youngest son turned blue and I raced him to hospital which transferred hIm to a more specialist hospital. My older son was walking in with me to the second hospital and said don’t worry mum Jesus will heal him. Two days later, my youngest son stopped breathing and they had to do emergency surgery. Did he live? Yes and came home from hospital quicker than some of the other kids who were in there with the same condition or a lesser one. We have just celebrated his engagement. When trouble came, we trusted in Jesus and He healed.

When trouble comes your way, just trust in Jesus and He will heal – whether it is a spiritual need, an emotional need or a physical need. Jesus always comes through but you need to trust hIm and lean on and rely on the word of God. Pray for protection over yourself, your family and your stuff. When trouble comes, you can then sleep in the storm knowing you are in the arms of Jesus. Have an amazing week!


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