Who and what are you listening to?

This blog is a little late this week as my week has been full and tiring – as maybe yours might have been too. But that is not the end of the world and in times like that, we need to just pick ourselves up and work towards getting back on track. 

God has been speaking to me this week about who and what am I listening too and it started off with me reading a passage in the Bible that I have read a lot of times. The passage is found in 1 Samuel 17: 4 – 11. It is the start of the story about David and Goliath. This passage is all about the enemy telling Israel (Gods chosen people) the terms of the battle and how the battle was going to be won.  Both sides had mustered their best armies to fight this battle but the enemy didn’t want the large Israelite army involved. Why? Because the enemy remembers what God has done for his people even though Gods people forget. You see it is the size of the victory that we remember only. If God does small things for us daily, weekly, monthly, we tend to forget and class them as normal. So in our passage, the enemy chose a different tactic.

That was that they thought they could win if it was only one man fighting so that was their terms. The funny thing was  the Israelites accepted the terms. They didn’t refute the enemy with their terms involving the whole of their army (which would have easily defeated just their one man). They accepted the enemies terms and went into fear and fled. How many times does this happen to us? We want a particular job and don’t believe God for favour and blessing but we believe the enemies lies of we are not good enough. What about the enemies lie of if you give to God your time, treasure and talents there won’t be much left for you. 

You see the enemies purpose in our life is to kill, steal and destroy Gods blessings and best plan for our lives. God is not trying to hinder your progress, He is ensuring you are ready for the next steps and ready to face the stronger opposition. You step out for God and the enemy will put his best opposition against you (the Goliath). But remember we are not fighting by ourselves, we have a whole army of angels backing us as we fight using the Word of God.

So don’t listen to the enemies lies, don’t fight using the enemies strategy- fight with all the battle armour God has given you. Don’t get discouraged either – if you do read the last books of the Bible – you win because of the God living inside you.

One last thing, I just want to encourage you to never give up- just take another step forward. Have an amazing week and remember the battle belongs to the Lord.

PS if you know how to pray, I would appreciate prayer for my best friends husband who had a massive heart attack last week. Thank you so much!


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