Hidden gifts

I was watching our church’s Easter production last Sunday and enjoying all the amazing gifts that were on display in the production. These amazing people were using their gifts to bring glory to God and to show their love for Jesus. But how many of us have hidden gifts that we do not know about! Not ones we are hiding but ones that are hidden!!

Matthew chapter 25 verses 14 -30 gives us the story of the silver ( in some versions talents) given out by the king.  The third person is the interesting one as he hid his talent in the ground. The man hid it but what I want to focus on is the talents that are hidden in us- not that we are hiding them, but we don’t really know about them.

Some of you may be questioning God about the purpose for your life. That is a good question but I think the question should be “God what have you placed inside me that I don’t know is there”. God often reveals these hidden talents as we go along. In some cases, like mine, you were shy at school – now God has you leading a team. That was a talent in me that I knew nothing about. What about you? What has God hidden in you, for His purpose and His glory.

Look at the story of Joseph. Our first glimpse of him was that he was a teenager big noting himself to his brothers regarding some dreams he was having of being in authority over them. Did that make him a prophet? Was that His gifting? 

What about David? He was a shepherd looking after the sheep and fighting off wild animals. He then fought Goliath and won. Was his gifting only as a great warrior, that’s if he would talk to people? He was a loner and didn’t communicate except to sheep.

But God had hidden gifts in both these men. Joseph ended us second in charge in a foreign country, Egypt and using Gods wisdom to guide the nation through a seven year famine. David ended up being the King of Israel and ruling that nation. Where did these gifts come from? God had hidden them.

This week ask God to reveal to you the gifts He has hidden in you. Then wait on His timing and His plan and go use them for Gods glory and because you love Jesus. Don’t hide them but search to find the hidden. Have an amazing week and encourage someone along the way.

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