Walking through not camping

Walking through seems to be a recurrent theme coming up in my week. A lot of us forget that even though our present circumstances may seem hard or that we are never going to get there, God says that we need to walk through, not camp.

Psalm 23 is so well known even by those that may not attend church. I want to focus on verse 4. It states in the New Living Translation  Bible that “even when I walk through the darkest valley”. You can see here that the valley is dark- there seems to be no light. It is like those times when it is a stormy night and you turn the lights off – it is really dark. Most of us focus our attention in this verse on the dark valley but I would encourage you to shift your attention. Our focus should be on the walking through. God never meant us to camp temporarily or take permanent residence in the valley. It is merely a time of trust in God- a temporary situation that involves movement. The verse does not say stop but walk. Walking through the valley means that we are walking towards the end. Valleys have a beginning and an end. There is no roadblock in a valley. So while you are walking, you are going to get to the end. Be encouraged!!

The next part of that verse says “I will not be afraid for you (God) are close beside me. Remember this is a dark valley and although you may not see God, He is walking close beside you. On a dark night with no light, it is hard to see anything but just because you cannot see, does not mean there are not things or people there right beside you. Same with God. He is always there because He says He is. There is a verse that says that “He will never leave us nor forsake us”. That is comforting, even in the dark.

How do we keep going in times of darkness? Stick close to God through talking to Him and reading the Bible. Ask God for a specific word for your situation and repeat it to yourself until you see it come to pass. God’s Word for you Is always good. Obey God and keep standing and walking.

So this week and in times to come, remember that God is always with you (whether you can see Him or not). He is there through our good times and dark times. Do not camp or take permanent residence in the valley, keep walking and one day soon you will come through. Be blessed and be a blessing this week!

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