Excuses or reasons- your choice

Things happen in our lives all the time. When they do, there are two ways that we can react – provide an excuse or reason but it is up to each of us to choose which is our reaction. An excuse is when we blame the problem or others but a reason is when we look inside of us.  Excuses empower the problem, reasons empower us. You cannot change as a result of an excuse but you can change as a result of a reason.

One of the stories in the Bible that speaks to me so clearly about this is one of the stories about King Saul in 1 Samuel 15. God told him to completely annihilate one of the enemies of Israel together with all of their possessions.  When he went to battle, he spared the king and the best of the livestock. Howeve, when Samuel the prophet queried King Saul over his decision, he made excuses as to why he did not kill their best livestock. The excuse was that he wanted the best to sacrifice to God. This sounds like a noble reason but it is in complete disobedience to God. I love what John Bevere says you can be right but completely wrong. King Saul wanted to give to God but it was not the sacrifice that God required. God requires our obedience first (heart matter) then the best of our substance (physical matter). 

After Samuel confronted King Saul, King Saul proceeded to defend himself and offer excuses. He stated that he did obey God. Obeying most of what God says is not good enough, we need to obey it all. He then realised that he had sinned by not obeying God but in the same sentence he started to blame others. By blaming others, he empowered them to have control over his life.

What should King Saul have done? He should have provided the reason, asked for forgiveness and rectified his wrongdoing. 

In our lives, we can live under the power of excuses which will never change anything. Excuses allow us to live a disjointed life. Everybody and everything else is to blame except me. In my situation, I was adopted into a family. When I found out, I could have let bitterness and resentment towards my circumstances shape my life which would never have allowed me to become all that God wants me to be. It would have given me an excuse as to why I felt rejected and had a poor me attitude.

But I refused to let that control my life (after I let God into it). God taught me that my value and worth comes from Him and that I should learn from my circumstance and not let it control me. There is a reason why things happen but I need to know that regardless of things that happen, God still has a great plan for our lives. Reasons allow us to look from the outside in and learn from circumstances in our lives.

This week, let’s look at our reactions to things that happen. Forget about the excuses and look for reasons. Learn from it and keep walking in God. Remember every step you take in God is one step closer than you were yesterday to becoming more and more like Jesus. Be blessed!!!

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