Bigger than your circumstances

You are bigger than your circumstances. This statement came to me today as I was preparing for my son’s engagement party. Things have happened and I was feeling a tiny bit/ lot overwhelmed. But God reminded me that I am bigger than that which I see around me. Hang on, you may say, isn’t it God that is bigger. The answer is yes but because He dwells within us, we are big too!

A story in the Bible which I really love is the one where the Israelites were heading into the promised land the first time. Do you mean they tried more than once? Yes and I will explain later. Joshua sent 12 spies – one from each of the tribes. Great thinking – these guys were leaders and well respected- awesome choice! The spies went through the land, came back with a bunch of grapes that two men had to carry and told the rest of the Israelites how great the land was. But there was a but in their story. How many times have we had a but in our story? 

The but was that there were giants in the land and they stated they felt like grasshoppers so because we felt like it we are grasshoppers. Do you know that the outward circumstances do not always reflect the truth. We see this portrayed on television and in magazines every day. The only truth, we as Christians should rely on is the truth in God’s Word. So, getting back to our story, because the Israelites felt and then became like grasshoppers in what they thought was the giants eyes, they were not allowed into the promised land the first time. Why – because of their unbelieving of what God said. 

We need to believe what God says in His Word- not only about the benefits that God gives us but about who we are in Him. That is right – our authority and our rights as a believer of God and His Word.

What happened the next time, the Israelites were going into the promised land? This time Joshua sent in two spies. They went to Jericho where they were hidden by Rahab. But do you know what she said? Something totally unexpected and completely unusual. Her words were that we have been living in fear of you for forty years because we heard what you did to a couple of Kings and their kingdoms. What? Does that mean the Israelites were wrong in this initial believing? Yes – they saw and were afraid and the enemy heard and they were afraid. So in essence they were afraid of each other. But only one had the power to become unafraid and that was the Israelites because they were backed by the power of God. You are too and that is the reason that you are bigger than your circumstances.

So as we walk through the next days, weeks and years, remember that you ( with God) are bigger than your circumstances. If you feel afraid, run to God and He will give you what you need. Let those words resonate in your heart, YOU ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. Have an amazing week!!

2 thoughts on “Bigger than your circumstances

  1. আপনার পত্র পড়ে খুব ভালো লাগলো। আপনি ব্যপটিসম এ্রর বিভিন্ন ধরনের দরকার ব্যাখা করতে পারেন তবে আমি মনে করি ভাল লাগবে।


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