Delighting then desiring

I was reading the scripture in Psalm 37:4 yesterday morning which states “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desires”. I started questioning do I delight myself in the Lord and how do I do this?

Then I saw that this statement is entirely opposite of what we see around us each day. Most of us want to desire then delight but God is saying delight and we will have our desire. The world says have now and then enjoy – don’t wait. Our desires become our needs if we do it according to what we see around us.

But God is saying seek me first and you will have. God wants to be involved in our lives taking first place and us involving God in our lives. This sounds like a selfish statement but it is really the only way to live. Having a friend, saviour, confidante with us every step of our lives sounds perfect, so why doesn’t it happen?

Primarily it is because we have not delighted in the Lord. We get too busy doing stuff and wanting stuff- whatever that looks like. Those things that seem to demand our time and priorities. Those things that keep us busy doing instead of busy waiting on God.

So the question is how does and can this happen in the “busy” lives we lead. Just remember we always have time for those things or people that are important to us. I believe it is like everything else – we need to schedule it into our lives. Does first thing in the morning work for you – well then that is when you schedule it or do you like to just rest in God before bed – then that is the time for you.

If this is not part of your life, can I just suggest you take five minutes first and then build up? Read one verse, spend time talking to God about the verse, thank Him for everything, including your day. Very soon five minutes will turn into you delighting in the Lord.

This week put delighting in the Lord in your schedule and watch how your desires are met. It will be amazing and will change your life in a good way. Have an amazing week.

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