You are on God’s mind

This statement has been resonating within me this week. It is a powerful statement and one worth thinking about. Just think about it in a positive way though. God is not up there thinking bad about you- rather He is thinking good about you. It says in Jeremiah 29:11 that “God knows the plans that He has for us. Plans that are good and that will give us a future and a hope”. If God has plans for us that are good ,then we are on His mind.

God has a great future planned for us but for that to happen, we need to be following along with hIs leading and guiding for our lives. I love the fact that Jesus did this when He lived on earth. He found out God’s plans for Him that day and just followed them. It sounds easy but there were trying times in Jesus’ life too. Getting harassed by the religious leaders, being misunderstood by both His family and His disciples and being left alone at the most testing time of His life – just before He went to the cross. Have you ever felt any of those things? Well Jesus did and He handled those times amazingly – not because He was the Son of God but because He knew the good plans that God had for Him everyday. Sometimes we need to look toward the future and not dwell on the wrongs of today.

MY daily devotion this morning touched on God’s thoughts about me too. It seems this is the phrase of the week. In Psalm 139 verse 17, it says “how precious are your thoughts about me O God. They cannot be numbered.” Out of all the billions of people in the world today, God’s thoughts about only you cannot be numbered and they are all good thoughts. Think about that! Doesn’t that make you feel loved and cherished. It does me.

God is awesome and I would not want to be anywhere else other than in His presence and in His thoughts. This week, think about the fact that you are on God’s mind. As you do, thank God for it and start living like Jesus did – getting the good plans that God has for you. Then go out and start living it! Bless you all and have the amazing week God has planned for you!

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