What are you believing for this year?

In the Bible, it states that without a vision we will perish. What is your vision for this year? For some of us, we are wondering whether we can survive this year with all that is going on around us. But we can survive and have the abundant year that God has promised us. But we need a starting point.

If you had all the resources you needed,what would your dream look like for the year ahead. Is it to get a new job, to start exercising more, to start eating more healthy, to get closer to God or maybe just to connect more with others. Those are all big goals. To achieve our goals this year, we need to break them down in small steps. What can I achieve daily, weekly, fortnightly or even just monthly.

If we set ourselves a small target, we will eventually reach a big goal. Big goals begin with a small step. Just one in the right direction. If it is exercising more, just walk an extra five minutes per day, if it is eating healthy, change the biscuit for an apple, if it is getting closer to God, read five more verses a day in your Bible or spend five minutes extra per day talking to God and if it is getting a new job, find your passion and do a course or apply for a new job once a fortnight. These are just all suggestions. We need to each seek God for what His plan for us is this year. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God’s plans and ways are higher than ours. So if His are better than ours, let us just ask.

This week seek God for His plans and just start taking one more step to reach that amazing goal. You can do it cause God says!!

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